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Improve Your Clarinet Section!

As a Vandoren Artist-Clinician, I offer free educational clinics to middle school, high school and undergraduate clarinet students.


Topics include:


Reed Care and Adjustment




Crossing the Break

Sight Reading

Audition Strategies

Mouthpiece Trials

Reed Trials

Topics of Your Choice

To schedule your FREE clarinet clinic, please contact me:

Phone:  (703) 464-5151

Mobile:  (703) 585-5717

Kathleen Jacoby
Band Director
Herndon High School

Her clinic was AMAZING! *I* learned stuff I haven’t known in 15 years of being a band director. I hope we can get Mrs. Bley back in here soon!

Garry Wright
Band Director
Trailside Middle School

I am always impressed with her knowledge and skill to help students. There was one student who came out of the clarinet clinic telling us, "that was the best day in band for the past 2 years!”

Betty is a gem and is a wonderful resource.

Danny Tilman
Band Director 
Frost Middle School

It was our pleasure having Betty join us for the morning. She graciously shared her fantastic resources and knowledge and we would love to have her join us again in the future.

Thank you!

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