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Betty in Print

Betty was mentioned in two articles in the March 2019 issue of The Clarinet, the magazine from the International Clarinet Association. Click on the PDF and read on...

All-Virginia Band and Orchestra Success!

Congratulations to my students who were accepted to the 2020 All-Virginia Bands and Orchestra:

Ethan M., ranked #1 clarinet in the State of Virginia, is Principal Clarinet in the All-Virginia Orchestra (for the second year in a row!).

Julian L. is a clarinet in the All-Virginia Orchestra (and was Principal Clarinet in the top All-Virginia Band last year).

Andrea S. was accepted to All-Virginia Band on Bb Clarinet (and was accepted last year as well).

Jeb B. and Aditi C. were accepted to All-Virginia Band on bass clarinet.

Interlochen Center for the Arts

Congratulations to my student, Kian C, who was accepted to the 2020 Interlochen Arts Camp Summer Music Program on Bb Clarinet!

World Premiere Performance

Betty Bley performed a recital at the American Single Reed Summit at Truman State University on October 27, 2018, which included the world premiere of Simon Proctor’s “Reedevelopment” for clarinet and piano.

World Premiere of Simon Proctor's "Reedevelopment" - Betty Bley, clarinet
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Youth Orchestras and Youth Wind Ensembles:

Congratulations to my students who were selected as members of local performing ensembles for the 2019-20 academic year:

AYP (top orchestra):

Ethan M., Clarinet (Bb, A, C and Eb soprano), Selected as Finalist in AYP Concerto Competition

AYCO (American Youth Concert Orchestra):

Kian C., Clarinet; 

AYPO Clarinet Ensemble:

Kaitlin W., Bb Clarinet


Symphonic Orchestra:

Brian K., Clarinet

Concert Orchestra:

Stella S., Clarinet

Kathryn-Anne B., Clarinet


Symphonic Winds:

Andrea S., Clarinet

Jeb B., Bass Clarinet

Junior Winds:

Caroline K., Clarinet

Tyler M., Clarinet

Leah K., Clarinet

Kian C., Clarinet

Kaitlin M., Clarinet

First Chair Players

Congratulations to my students who are seated first chair in their school's top performing ensemble:

Ethan M., Principal Clarinet, Herndon High School Wind Ensemble


Julian M., Principal Clarinet, Freedom High School Wind Symphony


Chloe B., Principal Clarinet, John Champe High School Concert Band 1


Andrea S., Principal Clarinet, Stone Bridge High School Wind Symphony


Aditi C., Principal Bass Clarinet, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Symphonic Wind Ensemble

Kian C., Principal Clarinet, Longfellow Middle School Advanced Band

Caroline K., Principal Clarinet, Flint Hill School Middle School Band

Stella S., Principal Clarinet, Langston Hughes Middle School Symphonic Band

Fairfax District 12:

Ethan M., 1st Chair Bb Clarinet & 1st Chair Eb Clarinet*

Kian C., 3rd Chair Bb Clarinet as a 7th grader in 7th & 8th grade band

Maria K., Bb Clarinet

Caroline K., Bb Clarinet

Stella S., Bb Clarinet 

Fairfax District 11:

Aditi C., Bass Clarinet

Tyler M., Bb Clarinet

Loudoun District 16:

Julian L., 2nd Chair Bb Clarinet*

Andrew F., Bb Clarinet*

Andrea S., Bb Clarinet*

Chloe B., Bb Clarinet

Noelle K., Bb Clarinet

Katie S., Bb Clarinet

*Denotes All-State Audition Qualification

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